Central and federative monitoring to measure and manage your operational efficiency proactively

Visual BAM, dedicated solution for IT and business performance monitoring


What is Visual BAM?

Visual BAM is an operational intelligence solution dedicated to IT and business performance monitoring. Visual BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) delivers real-time KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) through visual and synthetic cockpits.


Visual BAM strengths

Graphical and operational monitoring
  • Visual and graphical KPIs  mmmmmmmmmmm
  • Drag and drop cockpits’ customization
  • Operational monitoring features
Industrialized design of KPIs
  • Simple configuration of collection and interpretation complex rules
  • Elaborate planning
  • Advanced profiles management
IS integration
Dialogue with all IS components. Non-intrusivity. Seecurity protocols compliance

Main benefits

With Visual BAM, you :

Measure and monitor in real-time the key points of all or part of critical processes

Reduce operational risk

Realize corrective actions in a proactive mode

Encourage collaborative work, communication between IT and Business



Main assets

Visual BAM is a « SUPRAMONITOR », central and federative

Helps to establish an efficient communication between IT and Business around factual and shared results

Ensures IT and Business alignment