Visual TOM

The easy and graphical job scheduler for automating and orchestrating all your operations across IT environments

Visual TOM, dedicated solution to workload automation and orchestration


Why choose Visual TOM?

Visual TOM industrializes and orchestrates your IT production, whatever the volume and/or complexity of inter-application workflows and jobs, the nature of applications, your processes and your technical architecture: centralized, distributed or mixed.


Visual TOM strengths

Visual TOM monitors all major market software applications:
SAP Solutions (Sap NetWeaver Application Server, Sap NetWeaver BW, SAP R/3 Certified, SAP R/3 CSP, SAP BO, SAP DS), Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, Baan, OneWorld, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Lawson M3, etc.
Visual TOM manages processing tools and Cloud resources:

Amazon and Azure Cloud, Docker, Big Data, Web Services, transfers, data bases, email, EAI,  ETL, ITSM, backup, frameworks integration, etc.                        

Visual TOM integrates into all operating systems:

Main benefits

With Visual TOM, you

reduce your administration costs, as the tool requires minimal human, hardware or software resources,

secure your IT operations thanks to the unique and exclusive "Visual TOM Backup Server" relay technology,

take advantage of a comprehensive automation and orchestration solution. 

discover the benefits of a flexible and scalable architecture that adapts to your organization and IT infrastructure changes.




Assets of a leader

  Design based on graphical modeling

  Elaborate planning, powerful functions to facilitate rule creation

  Scheduling by simple management of complex rules,

  Execution suitable for all types of job and/or processes

  Customized control & centralized monitoring of job organization

  Analysis and Reports adjusted using pre-parametered tools.