The expertise in the service of the performance of the DSI

Professional services

The Professional Services provided by Absyss, guarantee the success of Visual TOM and visual BAM implementations and optimization projects. Absyss develops a sustainable and reliable relationship with its clients.

Value-added services throughout the life-cycle of our solutions, upstream, in deployment and in optimization.

The services delivered by our senior consultants meet ITIL best practices and are based on:

  • successful collaborations with partners, involved with the IT Departments in global projects,
  • extensive Absyss experience in migrating other jobs schedulers (migrations managed in collaboration with partners or alone),
  • consultants experienced in IT infrastructure and production, all certified ITIL V3. Our consultants have an average 15,000 hours successful IT project practice,
  • Certified Partners by Absyss,

 If you need a certified partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are an integrator or VAR and you want to become a certified partner? Please visit our Partners' page or contact us..